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PowerPoint Backgrounds – Free

More Free PowerPoint Backgrounds

PowerPoint Background 1 PowerPoint Background 2 PowerPoint Background 3
 PowerPoint Background 4  PowerPoint Background 5  PowerPoint Background 6
 PowerPoint Background 7  PowerPoint Background 8  PowerPoint Background 9
 PowerPoint Background 10  PowerPoint Background 11  PowerPoint Background 12
 PowerPoint Background 13  PowerPoint Background 14  PowerPoint Background 15

Yes siree, it’s free PowerPoint Background time again. Our awesome background post was met with such a fanfare that we had to make some more free backgrounds for you! They’ve got that “abstract” feel that many PowerPoint users like, too.

For this batch, our designers dusted off their 3D programs and cranked out 9 15 backgrounds, all on a theme of… er … buttons on the floor. All different colours, all different angles, some with photo-realistic depth of field (that’s where the objects that are in focus are clear, whereas objects further away are blurry). We’ve got all the colours of the rainbow covered, juat like a big packet of fruit pastilles.

Speed Up Windows 7

Windows 7 performs much better than Vista (but then so does a cabbage), but you need to have reasonable hardware specs. Nobody likes to be hanging around too long whilst their computer struggles to complete a seemingly easy task. This article will give you basic tips on improving Windows 7 performance and generally speeding your PC up.

Whilst it’s convenient to buy a PC with Windows 7 already installed, retailers often add “extras” to your PC that you just don’t need. And these extras are usually useless and more often than not impede your computer’s performance. A useful utility for getting rid of these useless gifts from PC makers can be found at The PC Decrapifier. Tip: always create a restore point on your computer before you start removing things you think you don’t need!

Speeding Up Boot Time

Typically, the boot time of your PC will increase the more you use it. We know: you just want to turn the damn thing on and start using it. There are a number of steps you can take to combat long boot up times:

  1. Remove unwanted startup items. Installing new software is an unavoidable consequence of being a human with ever increasing needs. The more software you install, the more startup items you accumulate, such as application launchers and other helper utilities. Although they help their applications start more quickly when you open them, they slow down boot time as they are configured to run at startup. To reduce your list of startup programs, download and run Microsoft’s Autoruns for Windows. Many startup items are updater programs that run automatically and tell you when an update for a program is available to download. We don’t need those as the program will tell us in its own time.
  2. Disk Cleanup. This useful utility frees up hard drive space by removing unused temporary files.
  3. Don’t shut down your PC. We are conditioned to turn our machines off, but in actual fact this is usually a redundant task. Windows 7 supports advanced power management states, including Hybrid Sleep and Hibernation, and these states enable your PC to shut down and boot up much more quickly than real shutdowns and boot ups. Alternatively, when you’ve finished with your PC for the day, restart it to free up resources.
  4. Windows 7 performance options. Click the Start button and search for performance info.
  5. Turn off unnecessary visuals. The new Windows 7 user interface may be pleasing to look at, but it hampers system performance. If you want to tweak your PC appearance to improve performance, click Start and search for adjust performance. Choose one of: Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer, Adjust for best appearance, and Adjust for best performance.
  6. Disable animations in the taskbar. This is a new feature for Windows 7. But let’s face it: you don’t need it so turn it off!
  7. Disable the visual styles on windows and buttons. You don’t need fancy schmancy visuals on your buttons. Turn this feature off to return to the days of ugly buttons and windows. Your PC will be imbued with lightning fast performance. But it’ll be ugly.
  8. Use the Reliability Monitor. This genius application charts the reliability of your PC and helps you pinpoint problems.

Useful comments from experienced users on how they decrapified their PCs/improved performance are most welcome.

Free PowerPoint Backgrounds

Following on from our previous Awesome Backgrounds post, we’ve got a plethora (a large cornucopia) of free PowerPoint Backgrounds, right here. Using PowerPoint backgrounds is a fantastic way to spice up otherwise dreary presentations. And our backgrounds are so easy to use – all you have to do is save them to your computer and then insert them as a picture onto the slides that need them. If you are a more advanced PowerPoint user, you might like to insert them onto the slide master so that they appear on every slide. You can either insert them directly onto the slide or format the background as an image. The choice is yours.

Here are your free PowerPoint backgrounds:


Bokeh Background 1 Bokeh Background 2 Bokeh Background 3
Bokeh Background 4 Bokeh Background 5 Bokeh Background 6
Bokeh Background 7 Bokeh Background 8 Bokeh Background 9
Bokeh Background 10 Bokeh Background 11 Bokeh Background 12
Bokeh Background 13 Bokeh Background 14 Bokeh Background 15

Each background measures an impressive 1500px wide by 1200px high. Distortions in the image due to stretching it to fit the whole PowerPoint slide won’t be an issue, as these images are just the right size.

Stay tuned for complete PowerPoint templates, too. These templates will include flashy backgrounds, like you see above, and also other elements like tables and charts that use the same colour scheme.

Awesome Backgrounds

Download These Awesome PowerPoint Backgrounds

Abstract Background 1

Awesome Background 1

Abstract Background 2

Awesome Background 2

Aurora Borealis Background

Awesome Background 3

Chrome Bar Background

Awesome Background 4

Weird Sunset BackgroundAwesome Background 5

Wavy Lines Background

Awesome Background 6

If you use PowerPoint, then you’ll love these awesome backgrounds for your presentations. Beautifully designed by our team of talented artists, these PowerPoint backgrounds will stun your audience into silence!

To download these free backgrounds, simply click on a thumbnail to open up the full size image – a whopping 1500px wide by 1200px high – and then click File > Save as in your internet browser. Save the image somewhere handy on your hard drive.

When the time comes to use one in a PowerPoint presentation, go to the Insert tab and click Picture (in the Images group). Locate your background and double click on it to insert it. You may have to resize it to fit your slide, and you can do that by dragging on the resize handles at the corners of the image (while it’s selected) and along each side.

If you’re a PowerPoint guru, you’ll probably want to add the background to the Slide Master instead. Performing this one action makes the background appear on all slides. To add an background to the slide master, go to the View tab and click on Slide Master (in the Master Views group). Select the top slide on the left (the Slide Master for the current PowerPoint theme), and then insert the background on the slide, as explained above. When finished, close the Master View, by clicking on the big red ‘X’ over to the right of the ribbon. Now every slide that you add to your presentation will have the background image on it.