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Resignation Letter Sample

There may come a day when you feel that you’ve outgrown your current place of work. Or perhaps you simply get a better job offer elsewhere. Before you can start working your notice (if indeed you need to give some notice), you need to submit your resignation letter. If you’ve never written a resignation letter before, the prospect may seem daunting.

“So long and thanks for all the free photo-copies” doesn’t quite cut it. But then you don’t want to offer a 5 page essay on why your boss sure is going to miss you when you’re gone. Also, in case you need to work there again at some point in the future, you shouldn’t burn your bridges with scathing insults and hometruths.

Thank heavens for this resignation letter sample!

Needs will vary with your circumstances, but you should find this resignation letter a good starting point. You can use it as a base and amend as you see fit.

Susan Smith
Smart Web Media
Solaris Business Park
WA15 6LX

Dear Mrs Smith

I write to inform you of my decision to leave my current position as analyst programmer for Smart Web Media.

I have very much enjoyed my tenure with Smart Web Media, first as a member of the help desk and then as a member of the development team. As my wife and I have decided to move closer to our family in Barbados, I must depart from my post with the company.

My time with Smart Web Media has allowed me to develop both professionally and personally, and I am greatly appreciative. It is my hope that I have served the company well in return for everything I have gained. I wish you and all my colleagues the best of fortune in all future endeavours.


John Allerton

Create Business Cards In Word

This tutorial on how to make a business card in Microsoft Word demonstrates again the power of using Office templates. At Office Online, there are lots and lots of templates for business letters, budget sheets – and business cards.

Before you start, you really should get some high quality business card paper. You can get this from most stationery stores, so this shouldn’t pose a problem. Business card paper is usually perforated, allowing you to fold along the edges a few times before removing the cards cleanly from the remaining card. Most paper is double sided too.

OK, now to download a business card template from Office Online. Click on Templates > All Templates.

Templates On Office Online

Go to the Business Card section and click on Print business cards at the bottom. When I looked, there were 200 business card templates, some of which were submitted by the public! There should be something there that fits your requirements, but be warned that there are a lot of templates for Microsoft Publisher, not Word. Make sure that you download a template for Word, not Publisher!

You can get a preview of what a card looks like just by hovering over it. The preview display a download link, too, so just click on that when you find the one you want.

Download Business Card Template

When you open the document in Word, you will usually find lots of copies of the business card, all on one page. When downloading Publisher templates you usually get just the one copy. Obviously, the sample details are just dummy details and you’ll need to change the to your own. You can change the details on the first card and then copy those details to all the other cards on the page.

There are usually 2 cards on each row and then maybe 5 rows to the page. You’ll probably find it quicker to change the first card, copy those details to the other card on that row and then copy that row to replace subsequent rows.

When changing your business cards, don’t forget that you can use any of the thousands of freely available clipart images to spice them up.

Once you’ve finished fine tuning your cards, don’t forget to save the document. Then go ahead and print those babies!

Application Letter Sample

If you’re looking to land the job of your dreams, your application letter is crucial. In today’s business climate, competition for jobs is fierce, so take care to get this initial correspondence right.

Application Letters Via Email

You can actually send emails with application letters attached, and if you do, you must ensure that your email includes the following:

  • a header for your addressee at the top of your cover e-mail that includes the recipient’s name, title, and address.
  • a salutation and appropriate closing.
  • provide your contact details in your email signature. Typically, you will want to refer to this information in the event that the recipient wants to contact you.

Many feel that attaching both cover letter and application letter to your email is better than using the email itself as the covering letter, but the choice is yours. If you do decide to attach the cover letter separately, you might include a statement such as

Attached are my cover letter and resume for your consideration for the position of …

Candidates who want to stand out from the crowd often send electronic copies of their letters by email and also send more formal hard copies on high quality stock paper by regular mail.

Obviously, application letters vary from candidate to candidate as each will have a different employemnt history and work experiences.

Sample Of Application Letter

Essential ingredients of an application letter are:

  • where you read about the job opening.
  • how you fit the special requirements of the job.
  • your availability for an interview.

Re: Your ad for “VB.NET Developer Required” in Computer Weekly

Dear Mr Gates:

Your advert for an experienced VB.NET developer caught my attention. You’re looking for an experienced developer with a thorough working knowledge of technology x – and that’s my area of expertise. As my enclosed resume indicates, I’ve worked on a number high pressure projects through their full life cycle. I was the project leader for the last live implementation of bespoke cutting edge software that saved one of our customers $1.5M in their first year of using the software.

I can send further details or visit your offices for an interview – whichever you prefer. Please let me know how you’d like to proceed.


Sample Reference Letter

Having to write a reference letter can be a daunting prospect if you’ve never written one before. Take the pain out of the process by availing yourself of someone else’s efforst! The following is a sample reference letter for a fomer employee who is seeking employment elsewhere. The post is of a technical nature (programming) but you can easily substitute the technical references and names with the details that pertain to your requirements.

The Good Software Company, 410 E 65th Street, New York, NY 10021

Ms. Elizabeth Smith
Software Development Manager
The Cutting Edge Software Provider
267 S. Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills
CA 90212

Dear Ms. Smith

Jonathan Medford was employed as a VB.NET developer at The Cutting Edge Software Provider from November 2000 to February 2005 when he left to take a post at a different company.

During Jonathan’s tenure, he performed his duties to a very high standard. He was well liked by his colleagues and I, for one, was very sad to see him go. Members of staff he worked with speak highly of his skills, work ethic and willingness to cooperate. He demonstrated his ability to work as a valued member of a team, but he was also able to work on his own initiative too.

In his work Jonathan showed a very thorough understanding of VB.NET and associated technologies. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jonathan Medford for the post of senior VB.NET Team Leader. Please feel free to contact me, should you need any additional information.

Yours sincerely


Eamonn Selici

Product Development Manager

Anatomy Of A Sample Reference Letter

The template for a reference letter can be broken down into the following 3 parts, which correspond to the paragraphs in the letter:

  1. statement of previous employment.
  2. assessment of the employee’s past performance
  3. recommendation of candidate
  4. permission for future contact