Creating A New PowerPoint Presentation

Picture the scene. You’re a teacher and you need to create a “how to study” PowerPoint presentation to help your students prepare for their exams. We’re going to walk you through creating this presentation from start to finish. We’ll use this topic for all sections of our PowerPoint Mega Tutorial.

The first step is to create the presentation, so let’s get started.

When you start PowerPoint 2010, it will open with a new blank presentation named “Presentation1” (see the title bar). We will save it straight away and then start work on it. To save it, press ctrl-s or click the File tab > Save As. Type in the name of the presentation in the File name input box and find a location on your computer in which to save it.

Save The PowerPoint Presentation

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We’ll call our presentation “How To Study”. Note that the file extension used is .pptx. Before 2007, PowerPoint presentations used the .ppt file extension, but with the introduction of PowerPoint 2007, they started using the .pptx extension. You don’t need to know any more than that at this point!

When you’ve named the presentation and found a place to save it, click Save. You’ll notice that the name you gave the presentation has replaced the “Presentation1” in the title bar.

Hmmm. This blank presentation looks a bit plain, and maybe even a little dull. Let’s apply some styling to make it look a bit more interesting. This will help engage our audience and keep them interested.

The very next thing we’re going to do is apply a theme to our presentation.

Note that in this tutorial we are creating a blank presentation. Instead, we could save time by creating a presentation based on a template.