Add A Signature To Outlook Emails

In Outlook 2010 you can add digital signatures and also standard signatures. This tutorial will focus on adding standard signatures. Outlook allows you to add standard signatures either manually or automatically. If you’re going to be adding the same signature to every email, then it makes sense to set up your signature so that it gets added automatically. This will save you time, cut down on typing errors and it will be one less thing to have to think about!

There is much flexibility too, as you can specify different signatures for new emails, replies and forwards. Also, your signature can include text and even images.

To create a signature click the File tab > Options > Mail > Signatures (it should be the third button down).

Add A Signature In Outlook 2010
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When the Signatures and Stationery window opens, make sure the Email Signature tab is active and then click New.

New Signature Window In Outlook 2010

In the New Signature window, type in the name of your new signature. Click OK. In the lower half of the window, you’ll see an editor that you can use to construct your signature. Position the cursor in the large text box and start typing the text you want to be added to every email you send.

Create A Signature In Outlook
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If you want to add an image, click on the Insert Image button to the right of the toolbar. You can then navigate to the location of your image and insert it. You can also insert a hyperlink in your signature. To do this, select the portion of text you want to become the link and then click on the Hyperlink button (next to the Insert Image button).

Insert An Image In Outlook

Insert A Hyperlink In Outlook

Type in the URL and click OK. What most people do is navigate to the URL they want to use as the link, highlight the URL in their browser’s address bar, copy it and then paste it here.

Many of the formatting options that are available when typing out the email message itself are available here for use in the signature.

When you’ve finished creating your signature, click OK. The new signature will appear in the list. You can create new signatures by repeating this process, and you can also edit existing signatures by selecting them and changing their details in the editor.

Assigning Signatures To Replies And Forwards

When creating your signature, you may have seen two drop down lists for:

  • New messages
  • Replies/forwards

If you have only one signature, don’t worry about these settings. However, you can create multiple signatures and then use these drop down lists to specify which signature should be used for new messages and which one should be used for replies and forwards.