Change The Default Font In Word 2010

Since time began, and even before that, the default font in Microsoft Word was 12 point Times New Roman. However, with the introduction of Word 2007, the default font changed to 11 point Calibri.

This is not everyone’s cup of tea. Having any kind of default value that isn’t the one you want is frustrating because you keep having to change it. Fortunately, it’s an easy task to change the default font in Word so you can say goodbye forever to 11 point Calibri.

How To Change The Default Font In Word

To change the default font settings in Word, go to the Home tab and click the Font dialogue box launcher (in the bottom right of the Font group). In the Font window, make all the changes you want regarding font family, font size, style and effects.

Change The Default Font In Word 2010

When you’ve changed all the font settings you want, click Set As Default. The next dialogue box asks whether you want these changes to affect only the document you are currently editing or all future documents you create based on the normal.dotm template. It’s your choice, but if the default font was bugging you in the current document, then it’s probably going to bug you in further documents you create. I’d consider changing the default font for all future documents you create based on the normal.dotm template.

All Documents Based On Normal.dotm

That’s one way of changing the default font. Another way is to edit the template file Normal.dotm itself. When you create a new document, Word copies all the formatting from Normal.dotm to the new document. The path to this template file is convoluted but a quick way of getting there is to put this in the address bar of Windows Explorer and press Enter:


Find Normal.dotm
Click to enlarge

Once there, don’t double click on Normal.dotm to open it! Doing so will simply create a new document based on the template, whereas we want to actually edit the template. Instead, right click on it and select Open. Make all the changes you want to the fonts used here in Normal.dotm, but be careful: the changes you make will affect all new documents you create in the future.

If you mess up and want to return to the original default settings, all you have to do is delete the template Normal.dotm. Next time you open Word, it will recreate it with the standard default settings.