Make A Calendar In Word

As the new year is upon us, it seems appropriate to show you how to make a calendar in Word. Rest assured, it’s a breeze. And you don’t have to mess around with inserting tables and annotating each cell manually, thank heavens!

Instead, all you need to do is use a Word template. Let’s have a go at making a 2011 calendar in Word: click the File tab and then click New. You’ll see a huge gallery of template categories and we need the Calendars one, so click that.

Calendar Category In Word

The calendar templates available are all on, so you need to be connected to the internet to see them. There’s a few different calendars to choose from but we need a 2011 calendar, so click that one:

Word 2010 Calendar Template

As these Word templates are on, it may take a few seconds for the gallery to load, but it’s worth the wait. There are loads of calendars ranging from standard calendars to lunar calendars to 3D calendars. We’ll just keep it simple here and select the first one: the 2011 Year Calendar.

2011 Year Calendar

Whenever you select a Word template, you get to see a preview of what it looks like, over on the right side of the workspace.

2011 Year Calendar Preview

That’s the one we want, so click Download. You should now see a dialogue box requesting that you read the terms of use for this template. Once you’ve done that, and agree to those terms, click I accept. Again, because we are downloading files from, it may take a few seconds to load up this calendar in Word.

Once it’s loaded, you should see a very tidy set of 12 tables holding the dates of each month in 2011. This is what each month looks like:

Calendar Month In Word

OK, not every month looks like January, but you see what I mean. Now that beats creating the month tables manually yourself! Now that you have your 2011 calendar, you can start amending it or just print it off as it is. If you do amend it (maybe you want to add important dates and then use it as a kid’s worksheet), don’t forget to save it with Ctrl-s.