Picture Corrections In Word

You can easily insert a picture into your Microsoft Word document by clicking Insert > Illustrations > Picture. You then navigate to where your picture is on your computer, select it and click Insert. But what if your picture is too dark or there isn’t enough contrast in it, for example? If you have a graphics program like Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks, you could correct the image before you insert it into your Word document.

But if you don’t have a graphics program you’re stuck.

Well, actually, you’re not stuck because Word 2010 comes with some impressive picture correction tools. Let’s explore them now.

Picture Tools In Word

With the picture selected in your Word document, you should see the Picture Tools tab appear in the ribbon.
Picture Tools Tab In Microsoft Word

Ensure that you are working on the Format tab and then go to the Ajust group. When you click on the Corrections button, you’ll see a gallery of preset corrections that you can apply simply by clicking on one.

Picture Corrections In Microsoft Word

You can see that each image gives you a small preview of what it will look like if you apply that correction. You can get a larger live preview if you hover over the thumbnail image, too. The picture corrections at the top adjust how soft your image looks, whereas the large selection of correction below adjust the brightness and contrast of the image.

If the preset corrections don’t offer you the adjustment you want, you can always fine tune the corrections manually by selecting Picture Corrections Options. The Format Picture window opens on the Picture Corrections panel and displays the following options:

Format Picture In Word

On this window, the same preset corrections are available when you click the Presets buttons. However, you also have precise control over just how much you soften or sharpen your image. The same is true with brightness and contrast: you can drag the sliders to the left to reduce them or drag to the right to increase them.

While this window is open, you might want to pop over to the Picture Color tab:

Picture Color Tab In Word

Here, you have some presets for Color Saturation (how much color is in the image), Color Tone (how “hot” the colors are) and Recolor (changes the actual colors used in the picture). There are sliders to give you precise control over the values for Color Saturation and Tone.