Playing A PowerPoint Presentation

In the last lesson, we had a look at how to add transitions to a presentation. We’ve done a whole lot of work on our presentation so far, but we’ve not actually seen how it will appear to our audience when we run it. As you work on your presentation and keep adding slides, you can think of being in “edit mode”. When you play the presentation, it helps to think of the presentation as being in “view mode”. These are just terms that we’ll use here to help you understand what’s going on.

Edit mode looks a bit different to view mode. When the presentation is running, you won’t see the ribbon, or any of the controls that you can see when you are editing the presentation.

The quickest way to run a presentation is to press F5 on the keyboard. Pressing F5 will play the entire presentation, or Slide Show, from the first slide. To move to the next slide, press Enter on your keyboard or left click the mouse button. You can end the presentation at any point by pressing escape on the keyboard. To go back to the previous slide, press the backspace key.

Alternatively, you can play the slide show from the current slide onwards by clicking Slide Show > Start Slide Show > From Current Slide Show.

Play Slide Show From Current Slide

If you hover over that button, you’ll see a tooltip telling you that the shortcut is shift-F5. This is a good tip for discovering shortcuts for other commands too: simply hover over the button.