PowerPoint 2010 – Text Boxes

In Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, the easiest way to add text is to use the content placeholders that appear by default on the slides you add to your presentation. For example, if you add a Title and Content slide there are two placeholders for text: the title placeholder and the content placeholder. To add text in either of these places, simply click in the box and start typing.

Text Boxes In PowerPoint

If you need to add text to a slide outside of the normal text placeholders, you can add a text box. To do this, click Insert > Text > Text Box.

Insert A Text Box In PowerPoint 2010
Now that we have the Text Box tool active, we can click once anywhere on the slide and start typing. The text appears where you clicked. The width of the text will grow as you keep typing (it won’t wrap automatically). Instead of clicking once when the Text Box tool is active, you can drag out a box. This time when you type, the text will only be as wide as the text box you just drew.

Resizing And Rotating A Text Box

Text Boxes in PowerPoint display convenient handles that you can use to resize and rotate them. To resize a text box, click and drag on any of the handles that appear at corners and halfway along each edge.

To rotate a text box, clcik on the green rotate handle at the top of the box and drag left or right. Dragging left rotates the text box in an anti clockwise direction, whereas dragging right rotates the text box in a clockwise direction.

Rotate A Text Box In PowerPoint 2010

You can also move your text box around the slide. If you hover over any of the text box edges, you should see the cursor change to a crosshair. When you see the crosshair, you can start dragging to reposition the text box.

Formatting A Text Box

If you are familiar with formatting text in other programs like Word 2010, then you’ll find formatting a text box in PowerPoint a breeze. In addition to being able to apply standard text formatting that using the Font group on the Home tab, you can also apply text box specific formatting using the Format tab Format tab in the Drawing Tools tab.

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