Resignation Letter Sample

There may come a day when you feel that you’ve outgrown your current place of work. Or perhaps you simply get a better job offer elsewhere. Before you can start working your notice (if indeed you need to give some notice), you need to submit your resignation letter. If you’ve never written a resignation letter before, the prospect may seem daunting.

“So long and thanks for all the free photo-copies” doesn’t quite cut it. But then you don’t want to offer a 5 page essay on why your boss sure is going to miss you when you’re gone. Also, in case you need to work there again at some point in the future, you shouldn’t burn your bridges with scathing insults and hometruths.

Thank heavens for this resignation letter sample!

Needs will vary with your circumstances, but you should find this resignation letter a good starting point. You can use it as a base and amend as you see fit.

Susan Smith
Smart Web Media
Solaris Business Park
WA15 6LX

Dear Mrs Smith

I write to inform you of my decision to leave my current position as analyst programmer for Smart Web Media.

I have very much enjoyed my tenure with Smart Web Media, first as a member of the help desk and then as a member of the development team. As my wife and I have decided to move closer to our family in Barbados, I must depart from my post with the company.

My time with Smart Web Media has allowed me to develop both professionally and personally, and I am greatly appreciative. It is my hope that I have served the company well in return for everything I have gained. I wish you and all my colleagues the best of fortune in all future endeavours.


John Allerton