Awesome Backgrounds

Download These Awesome PowerPoint Backgrounds

Abstract Background 1

Abstract Background 2

Aurora Borealis Background

Chrome Bar Background

Weird Sunset BackgroundAwesome Background 5

Wavy Lines Background

If you use PowerPoint, then you'll love these awesome backgrounds for your presentations. Beautifully designed by our team of talented artists, these PowerPoint backgrounds will stun your audience into silence!

To download these free backgrounds, simply click on a thumbnail to open up the full size image - a whopping 1500px wide by 1200px high - and then click File > Save as in your internet browser. Save the image somewhere handy on your hard drive.

When the time comes to use one in a PowerPoint presentation, go to the Insert tab and click Picture (in the Images group). Locate your background and double click on it to insert it. You may have to resize it to fit your slide, and you can do that by dragging on the resize handles at the corners of the image (while it's selected) and along each side.

If you're a PowerPoint guru, you'll probably want to add the background to the Slide Master instead. Performing this one action makes the background appear on all slides. To add an background to the slide master, go to the View tab and click on Slide Master (in the Master Views group). Select the top slide on the left (the Slide Master for the current PowerPoint theme), and then insert the background on the slide, as explained above. When finished, close the Master View, by clicking on the big red 'X' over to the right of the ribbon. Now every slide that you add to your presentation will have the background image on it.