Stop Microsoft SkyDrive Sign In

If you’ve installed Office 2013 you cannot fail to have noticed Microsoft’s obssession with having you signed in whilst using their programs. If you’re using Word, for example, look in the top right of the workspace. Do you see your name, email address and avatar? If so, you are signed in.

Some users may be encountering an additional nuisance at startup of their computers; the Microsoft SkyDrive Sign In window. Talk about pestering! Most users will sign in as and when theyrequire it. They don’t need to be bugged about signing in when their computers start.

Remove Microsoft SkyDrive Sign In From Startup

There is a way to remove Microsoft SkyDrive Sign in from startup so you won’t be bothered by this little annoyance any more. Click the Start button and type in msconfig in the Search box. When you see msconfig.exe in the list, click on it.

When the System Configuration window opens, go to the Startup tab.

We need to find the Microsoft SkyDrive option in the list so make sure that it’s in Startup Item order by clicking on that column heading. Then scroll down until you find Microsoft SkyDrive Sign In. When you find it, uncheck its box.

Click OK and Windows will ask you whether you want to Restart or just Exit without restart. If you want to test the change you’ve made straight away, take the first option, otherwise take the second. If you take the second option, next time you start your computer, you won’t see the SkyDrive Sign In window, nor on any future restarts.