Disable Add-Ins In Word 2010

An add-in is a utility that you can download and install that adds some functionality to Microsoft Word. New commands that the add-in provides will appear in a new tab that appears in a ribbon. However, sometimes, after installing the add-in, you might change your mind and want to remove it. Perhaps the add-in doesn’t provide you with any benefit and just clutters up the ribbon. Or maybe it just doesn’t work!

Look what happens when I start Word 2010 after having downloaded and installed a “minutes” add-in I thought would be useful.

It might be that I installed it incorrectly (actually, this was the reason), or maybe the add-in simply doesn’t work. Either way, I don’t have time to investigate the problem; I just want to disable the add-in for now.

Removing A Word 2010 Add-In

To remove a Word 2010 add-in, click the File tab > Options, and then click the Add-Ins section on the left.

You’ll see a list of add-ins that are currently installed: at the top are the enabled add-ins and at the bottom are the disabled ones. Find the one you want to remove and select it. We’re not really selecting it for any other reason than to determine its type (far right). The one we want to remove in this example is a COM Add-in, so select COM Add-in from the Manage selector and click Go.

In the window that opens, you can either uncheck the box next to the add-in to simply disable it, or select it and then click Remove to remove it entirely from Word. If you just disable it, you can re-enable it later, whereas if you remove it you’ll have to re-install it again.

Whichever action you take, the tab that relates to the add-in will be removed from the ribbon.