Rectangular Annotations Using The Snippet Tool

Although the snipping tool that comes with Windows 7 provides the option to capture a rectangular screenshot, it doesn’t allow you to create rectangular annotations on the screenshot. Boo! In fact, the miserly annotation tools that the snippet tool provides are pretty poor. They amount to the provision of merely the pen tool and the highlighter tool. We’ll skip those because they don’t offer any precise way of annotating with rectangles.

What you can do, and this isn’t ideal (come on Microsoft!), is take the screenshot using the snipping tool and then open the screenshot in Microsoft Paint, where you can add the annotations.

To do this you will have to save your snipping tool screenshot somewhere and then open it up in Paint. With the image open in Paint, select the rectangle shape, select a colour and then drag the rectangle over the area you want to annotate.

To recap:

  • snipping tool – to take the screenshot
  • Microsoft Paint – to draw a rectangle with a colour of your own choosing

In an ideal world, the snipping tool would come with more useful annotating capabilities, but at least if you have Windows 7 you should have access to Paint in addition to the snipping tool.

Don’t forget, when you have finished annotating in Paint, you must save the image again.