Snipping Tool For XP

Although Windows XP is now ten years old, many people see it as a reliable operating system and still use it. By default, however, Windows XP does not come with an in-built snipping tool like the Windows 7 Snipping Tool.

If you need a snipping tool for XP, you will need to look at “third party” solutions, and we’ve got two listed here.

The Snippy Snipping Tool For XP

Snippy was made for XP! Once downloaded, the Snippy icon will appear in the taskbar notification area. Clicking on the icon activates Snippy and you can then mark out the region of the screen that you want to copy. Also, if you are cutting out a portion of an Internet Explorer window, the URL will also be copied to the clipboard; this makes it very convenient to select something interesting on a web site and send it out in an email message.

When you initially activate Snippy, the mouse cursor changes to a pen with which you can draw around what you want to snip. If you want to copy a rectangualr area of the screen, you can hold down the shift key while you drag with the mouse.

Gadwin PrintScreen Snipping Tool For XP

The Gadwin PrintScreen Snipping Tool is a step up from Snippy and allows you to set up hot keys to initiate the snip. The Destination tab controls whether the screen prints out instantly, is copied to the clipboard, is saved to a specific folder, or even sent via e-mail. You can perform full screen captures, or capture only a specific window.

You can resize your images and save them to 6 different image formats.

But the best bit about this snipping tool is that it works with Windows XP.