Remove The Password From A Word Document

How you remove a password from a Word document will depend on how the password was assigned in the first place. The following password window requires you to enter the password to open the document:

… and the following window requires you to enter a password in order to modify the document:

Both of these passwords are set – and removed – in the same place. Once you have opened the document, click the File tab > Save as > Tools > General Options.

In the General Options window that opens, simply blank out the passwords that you want to remove and then click OK.

Additionally, if opening the document is password protected, you will see the following informational message in backstage view when you click the File tab.

There is also another way to remove the password required to open the document: if you click on the Protect Document button seen in the image above and then click Encrypt with Password, you will see the password window below.

Again, blank out the password and click OK to remove it.

Of course, the above only works if you are able to open the document in the first place, and that requires knowing the password.

Password Recovery Software

If you don’t know the password that was assigned to a document, then you won’t be able to use any of the above methods. Instead, you will have to use password recovery software. There is a variety of different software solutions for removing password from Office documents, and some of the more popular ones are:

We don’t know whether any of the above solutions are any good, but we intend to review each of them.